The London taxi company has been around for more than a decade, before the most modern cars came into use it was traditionally a horse and carriage system and hackney licence was agreed by the parliament to be issued for the horse and carriages. In 19th century London, private carriages were commonly sold off for use as hackney carriages, often displaying painted-over traces of the previous owner’s coat of arms on the doors. The Clarence or growler was a type of four-wheel, enclosed carriage drawn by two horses used as a hackney carriage, that is, as a vehicle for hire with a coachman. It is distinguished from a cab, hansom cab or cabriolet, in that those had only two wheels. It is distinguished from most coaches by being of slightly smaller size, nominally holding four passengers, and being much less ostentatious. The Royal Borough now licences the carriage for rides around Windsor Castle and the Great Park, however the original hackney licence is in place allowing for passenger travel under the same law that was originally passed in 1662. The city of Bath has an occasional horse-drawn Hackney, principally for tourists, but still carrying hackney plates. London taxis with its unique shape and symbol have retained their traditional authenticity and this has given it the special identity that identifies it to the old city of London, the capital city of England. Traffic in the largest and most crowded city in Europe like London has become a huge challenge. UK SAMS LTD has an outlook of its own and hopes to bring about a unique service with a difference for its customers thus ensuring each customer’s needs are met individually. One of the most important aims of the company is to ensure that time, money and convenience is paramount to its clients and by hiring the best professional drivers by UKSAMS LTD will ensure that less stress and anxiety is caused to our customers in getting to their destination come rain/snow or be it day/ night


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