About Us


UKSAMS LTD was founded in 2016 by Mr.A.Molaei and Ms.S.Sadig Baheran since then we have worked hard and achieved a great deal within our company. We are a family run company and our clients are the center of it all as their needs are highly respected. As a company our aim is to try and achieve the best for our clients, in any event that we cannot support them we will try and source a solution for them as a new member of the company we are happy to have Mr.N.Shaeidaei and his support is greatly welcomed.

To date we have achieved the following as UKSAMS:

In 2016 we bought into an APP making company and have made some APP’S for local businesses, for further details on how these are made and how they can be beneficial to your own company. To see an up and running APP please follow ask for a demo from one of our experts.

In 2017 we researched into the needs of the local elderly community and decided with the closure of corporate care homes the need for small boutique care homes was great as this gives greater personalized care package to your loved ones, so we decided to open a small boutique care home and to develop further care homes in the future within the UK.

In 2018 we decided to work with a coffee roasting company down in East Sussex and open a coffee shop with this particular brand of coffee as it provides fresh roasted coffee and it is delivered so that our customers can enjoy the freshness of it, not only we will provide fresh Coffee but we will provide nutritionally balanced foods to our customers be it from a sandwich or to a balanced meal.

In 2018 we also joined London Chamber of Commerce which supports us in sourcing information for our own company and for our clients.

Our future plans in 2019 is to look into the fashion and sports industry and see what our client group needs are and how we can fulfill their needs, we will be also launching our transportation firm that will support our clients with all their needs be it from taxi service to freight.

For up to date news of our progress or any inquiries please contact us and we will try and resolve all your queries in a timely fashion.

Nothing is too big or small for us, our client satisfaction is paramount to us and will endeavor to meet their needs.

UKSAMS LTD was founded in 2016 it is a family run business. Uksams Ltd has achieved a great deal since 2016 but to name a few



We are a family run business, our ethos is to ensure we full fill our customers wishes, if we are ubable to assist our customers we will direct them to our colleagues who can. We endevour to meet dead lines given and if customers are not satisfied with outcomes we will ensure they achieve what they approached us for. Please use our enquiry site if you have any questions.